Welcome to OnlineBetrug.ch!

OnlineBetrug.ch sees itself as a service for the consumer: We want to simplify purchasing decisions for consumers. We see our strength in structuring data and making it consumer-friendly. Our editors take the necessary time to familiarize themselves intensively with the topics and to identify the really relevant information for consumers.

We use a variety of test sources to make the best possible overall recommendation: For example, we complete test results from Stiftung Warentest with the long-term experience of Amazon customers, for example. We deliberately do without automation. Each of the products listed with us goes through a multi-stage selection process. Every day, our 27 editors work on the best possible comparison.

The comparisons made by OnlineBetrug.ch are objective and independent. That’s why consumers trust our judgments in their purchasing decisions.

Quality and value for money

We test and compare numerous products and services. Only the best are presented to you.

Always up to date

After 120 days at the latest, we update each category. This ensures that our recommendations are always up to date.

Neutral and independent

Our tests and comparisons are objective and fact-based. Manufacturers have no influence on the evaluation.

Our goals

Promoting excellent product quality

We know from our work that the best-selling products are not always the best. We ensure more transparency on the market and thus promote product quality. Every year, we test around 2,000 products in over 200 categories.

Quick decision-making aids

It is important to us that the most important information and clear purchase recommendations are available at a glance. In this way you can make a well-founded purchase decision within a few minutes.

Free and independent

We work independently and still offer our results free of charge. How does it work? Via so-called affiliate links, we receive a commission from the linked online shops for every product sold – regardless of which manufacturer it comes from.